When many people think of performance cars, they may envision factors like powerful motors and extra-wide tires. While the new Genesis G80 luxury sedan certainly offers high-performance engines, it also provides drivers and passengers with the performance enhancing effects of a specially-designed steel frame. Along with specialized motors and transmissions, this proprietary framing system helps the Genesis G80 sedan to stand out from its competitors.

The popular and stylish Genesis G80 midsize luxury sedan makes use of light yet powerful steel framing. This steel framing gives the chassis and suspension extra stiffness that can translate into improved handling and performance.

Genesis G80 luxury sedan framing is just the beginning, because it also offers many high-tech tools that add to its performance capabilities. Among these tools is its available dual-mode traction technology. This proprietary system uses special sensors to monitor road conditions. If the system senses any slippages, it can send power and torque to the proper tires to eliminate traction loss and boost performance.


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